Personal Injury

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Personal Injury services offered in Burbank, CA

After a personal injury, timely detection of any damage without risking further harm is crucial. Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc in Burbank, California, uses state-of-the-art open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to assess your personal injury. Sometimes, these injuries aren’t apparent when performing an external physical exam, so medical imaging is important. To benefit from painless, noninvasive assessment of your injuries, call Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc today or book an appointment online.

Personal Injury Q & A

Why would I need medical imaging for a personal injury?

Medical imaging is essential after a personal injury to help detect any internal trauma. Personal injuries take many forms, from auto accidents and injuries you suffer at work to personal assaults.

They can cause considerable and sometimes complex musculoskeletal damage, such as  fractures, sprains, and strains. Personal injuries can also damage your organs, blood vessels, and nerves, resulting in internal bleeding.

What are the benefits of medical imaging for personal injuries?

Internal physical trauma that doesn’t receive the proper treatment can lead to severe complications. Traumatic injuries can reduce your quality of life and might cause complications that have long-term effects. You could suffer a potentially life-threatening internal injury that isn’t obvious from a physical exam.

Therefore, visiting Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc is vital if you suffer a personal injury. An accurate diagnosis can save you and your doctor a lot of time. It can also help you avoid complicated, invasive surgeries.

The practice’s noninvasive imaging techniques won’t affect your well-being or worsen your condition. Using their state-of-the-art open MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology, the Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc radiologists detect and diagnose your injuries without undergoing invasive procedures like exploratory surgery. 

What kind of medical imaging might I need for a personal injury?

The imaging techniques at Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc enable the accurate diagnosis of your personal injury without using invasive procedures.

X-rays can be useful, particularly for fractures. MRI is one of the most comprehensive kinds of medical imaging for highly detailed images of soft tissues, organs, and bones.

What does medical imaging for a personal injury involve?

When you visit Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc after a personal injury, you can feel confident that the MRI scan won’t add to your discomfort. The practice uses open MRI technology, so you don’t have to feel trapped inside a whirring, banging machine. You should find your experience stress-free and much quicker than a standard MRI.

Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc’s highly skilled staff pay considerable attention to identifying internal injuries during your scan. They scan your organs and tissues, including your brain, for signs of damage. The medical doctor studies the images to look for any signs of underlying trauma.

MRI scans provide evidence of personal injuries if you need them for a legal dispute.

If you suffer a personal injury, call Burbank Imaging and Open MRI Inc without delay. You can also book an appointment online today.