MRI Medical Imaging

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MRI Medical Imaging services offered in Burbank, CA

Many people either don't have insurance or they have insurance but their deductibles are very high and prohibit them from getting the treatment they need. At Burbank Imaging and Open MRI we understand that there are a lot of financial burdens these days, and costly medical procedures can be a hindrance. In order to assist patients with financial hardships, Burbank Imaging and Open MRI offers discounted self-pay MRIs making access to this vital diagnostic tool affordable to everyone. You no longer have to be at the mercy of pre-authorizations and timely insurance red tape.

MRI Medical Imaging Q & A

There are millions of people each day waiting for their insurance companies to give authorization to providers for vital treatment. This process can take weeks, only to find out once approved their deductibles will cost them thousands of dollars to complete the treatment. Burbank Imaging and Open MRI has made getting an MRI simple and affordable.